My passion has always been for design, in particular interaction design, but I love the whole process.
I love the challenges involved to make a genuinely delightful product.

I Make Neat Things

I find my design methodology is both playful and ruthelessly practical. While I love to create and explore many possibilities my technical side and strong desire to help others keeps me focused on the need at hand.

I believe this tension improves my work and fuels my desire to make real products that ship.

I Play Nice with Others

I thrive in cross-functional teams and love building bridges between teammates to move products forward.

I weave UX principles in all my work, and strive to have empathy for my teammates as well as my users.

I Wear Lots of Hats

As someone who has founded small startups and worked in multi-national organizations, I am used to adapting. I have no problem learning new things to help the team move forward.

I also employ my engineering background to connect the unexpected and create genuinely innovative solutions.

Design is about exploring, listening, dreaming, and helping. Its about solving real problems for real people.

Curious to Know More?

I started this journey as a software engineer, but soon learned I was more interested with solving usability and human problems, rather than technical and scalibility problems. I love to learn and am always growing appreciation for new insights and techniques.

In addition, I'm quite comfortable giving presentations and love to share what the team has been working on to keep others updated and inspired. I've done this for BMW executives visiting the office as part of my role working there.

I am an avid traveller and love to explore. Last year I made it to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, which was quite memorable. Each place I visit and the people I meet helps fuel my creativity and passion for design.

I played soccer for my university, and still try to get out and kick the ball around when I find time. I am an avid fan of good storytelling, particularly contemplative sci-fi such as The Matrix. My go-to Super Smash character is Young Link, and in StarCraft I play as Terran.